Winter Market at Morley’s Backyard Saturday December 17th 10.30am – 1.30pm



We will be at Morley’s Backyard Saturday December 17th from 10.30-1.30pm

We are offering a couple of personal Christmas favorites from Greece.

Melomakarona, honey cookies. These cookies are said to have been celebrated by ancients Greeks during winter solstice. They are fragrant with Christmas spice and syrupy reminiscent of your favorite Greek desserts, such as baklava. Rich with floral notes of orange zest and cardamon combined with the warm aromas of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Their complex flavor will surely have you reaching for seconds and thirds!

Last time I’d made these was 2001, the last time I’d visited Greece. After a long arduous journey to my village in Northern Greece I arrived to a winter wonderland. A winter storm is very rare for that part of the world. The villagers hadn’t experienced such weather in over 60 years. Plumbing busted all over, and left the village without water. 

What was different this time, they asked. How did this happen? Fingers pointing to a visitor from a place well acquainted with arctic weather they previously only saw on their television sets. Syracuse, NY, where I had been attending school. 

That fateful Christmas, my mom and I, baked and baked our hearts out as we were. Snowed in and having to fend for ourselves the best we could. Made due by sourcing bottled water where we can get it.

We shared these Christmas treats with my extended family that season. They are known as the best Melomakarona my family has ever had! My sister still asks if I will make them this Christmas. 

Next up, we’ve got a classic sweet bread served during the holidays and Easter. Tsoureki!

Tsoureki is similar to Panetone without the candied fruit. Characterized by the particular flavor brought on by mastic gum, which is not only flavorful but excellent for digestion. We pick up our mastic locally from its origin, Hios Island.

Tsoureki is lovely to slice or break apart. It’s good with tea and coffee. Makes amazing French toast and is great as buttered toast topped with your favorite jam. Or simply enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate Christmas morning. Or chocolate milk! Heat in the oven wrapped in foil for about 10 min. The “threads” in this bread are pure pleasure to see as you pull it apart. Tsoureki makes you wish the holidays were here year round!

We will have our bread staples as well:


Sourdough Boule & Batards

Village Sprout Boules

Epis de Ble

As times allows, some of our Take ‘n Bake Pizza Crust


Thank you all who made it out last week! We had a blast seeing you and hearing about what you have been up to. Look forward to doing it again this weekend. See you then!

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