Menu for March 4, 2023

This week we bring you highlights of some of our most requested items. We had some time to reflect recently to remember when we started this journey a year ago. Searching for ways to make food that is nourishing. And seeking accurate avenues to that end. We looked back to traditional pathways of how bread is made.

We also studied institutions such as the Weston Price Foundation which harkens back to wise practices for certain food groups such as grains and proper preparation techniques that were changed by the industrial age. Our mission for our bakery to bring you bread that is both good and nutritious is made possible by you and we want to thank you for part taking on this journey with us.

Onward toward Spring!

Thanks to Morley’s Backyard for getting us all out and about this winter. To a congenial environment where we can still source some of our necessities in the traditional fashion. The Markets!

234 E. Walnut Street, Danville, KY. Doors open , 10.30am-1.30pm

This week we bring you:

Stone ground Whole Grain Bagels

Sourdough Boules & Batards

Baguettes with 40% Gold ‘n White Flour, which is a light wheat flour that includes the germ and makes it extra good for you.

Epis du Ble, wheat-shaped Baguettes

Take ‘n Bake Pizza Crust with a touch of light wheat

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