Our Menu Saturday May 27th 2023

We are excited about being at Boyle County Farmers’ Market tomorrow!

Just a quick note. We are doing our best to arrive at 9am tomorrow. We WILL be there! And we will have lots of Bagels and then some!

Our menu is as follows:


French Bread Boules

Sourdough Batards

Take n Bake Pizza Crust ( We love to sprinkle fresh spicy greens from Tallulah Farm on our Pizza!

Bagels with Assorted Toppings

Sourdough Bagels

Savory Special
5 Spanakopita Spiral Pies (Mini Greek Spinach Pies)

Sweet Special
Ravani (Greek Semolina Cake soaked in Syrup with notes of Orange & Cinnamon spinkled with Candied Orange. Sold by the slice!

Look forward to seeing your happy faces shortly!

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