Menu Saturday March 16th @ Morley’s

We’ve got quite a lineup this Saturday at Morley’s!!!

Some of your favs and an oft requested item:


Epis de Ble

Pizza Crusts

Bagels in Everything & Plain


***Gateau au Chocolat with Ganache, a rich balance between Deep Dark, Moist Chocolate Mini Cake with Milk Chocolate Ganache in the middle & dripped.

Also, along this line we have something new and exciting:

***Gateau au Chocolat Mini Loaves & Ganache Kits, these make great Chocolate Lover gifts for Easter!!!

They are well sealed for ultimate freshness and ready to take on now or later.

Simply flip your loaf over and out of its pan then lather it with as much Ganache as you desire!

How fun!!!

Morley’s Backyard
234 E. Walnut Street 9am-noon

Village Bread

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